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Problems Faced in Love Marriage and Their Perfect Astrological Solution

When you fall in love with someone with your heart and soul, with the same emotion reverted from the other person, it is no less than a miracle. And to save that miracle for a lifetime you decide to get married to your love. The day you get married to the love of your life, is the happiest day of your life as you will get to spend your whole life together. But as easy it is to fall in love, it is not that easy to take your love to the pedestal of marriage, with the main opposition from family and relatives.

When we reveal to our parents about our love marriage decision, they are shocked by this! Some parents agree for the marriage after some convincing but few of the Indian parents do not agree, upholding the argument of Indian culture and traditions. Since approval and blessing of parents is essential to start a new married life, the children then pursue their parents to agree for marriage.

There are various reasons which cause difficulty in proceeding with the marriage prospects, they are below:

  • Partner not agreed for the love marriage: sometimes even when you are on the same page with your partner regarding the love for each other, but one of the partners feels he/she is not ready for the huge step of marriage. This becomes a difficult situation for the partner who is yearning for the marriage and might also cause rift between the couple.
  • Parents against the marriage: the conditions when the parents refuse to adhere to the decision of love marriage of their children, stating that it is wrong according to the Indian culture and traditions. They become stubborn and try to create obstruction between the couple. They also disregard the wedding on the basis of difference in caste, creed, religion, social status, financial status, and more.
  • Kundli Mismatch: At times even when the parents agree for the marriage, the birth chart of both the partner is found not compatible with one another. In this situation consulting a learned and experienced astrologer can be very fruitful for finding a solution to make the stars favourable.
  • Financial issues: sometimes the financial gap between the two prospective lovers acts as a barrier in their marriage plans which weakens the marriage grounds.
  • Society issues: the society plays a major role in our brought upas well as our status. When certain actionslike love marriage is condemned by the society, it become difficult to fight against it. Hence, rebellion might be led to the risk of life and property.

In the given conditions, the problem inlove marriage is highly common as well as most intangible, due to which the parents of the lovers do not agree for the marriage. Hence, using Vashikaran Mantra given by Vashikaran specialist astrologer, you can make them agree for your inter caste marriage and get their unconditional love as well as blessings. For this, you need to furnish a photo or name of your parents or anyone against your marriage, to a Vahikaran expert who provides Vashikaran Mantra to make them cordial towards you. These Mantras are quite effective and economical for use by the people to make their love marriage a possibility.