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Child Birth Astrology - The Astrology of Pregnancy

The child birth astrology is immensely useful when the concerned couple fails to get a child even when all the medical conditions related with progeny are found healthy, or when the medical science does not give satisfying reasons for inconceivability. This webpage deals exclusively with the astrology of pregnancy to help the interested people of the world over.

The childbirth astrology is the facet of Vedic or Hindu Astrology which gives exclusive information about whether a married couple can get children or not, based on the birth chart of both the spouses. The possible astrological remedies for childbirth problems are also suggested by this astrology of progeny, to help the childless couples. Our worldwide reliable and popular Indian astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma has also been offering highly successful and impeccable services related with progeny to the aggrieved people of India and countries worldwide for nearly two decades. His services related with the astrology for predicting pregnancy have been highly accurate and trustworthy in India and abroad. The sections below contain concise but very beneficial information about the astrology of progeny, and surefire astrological solutions to problems related with either childlessness or mystic delay in getting pregnant, when the medical conditions are found healthy and sound.

When will I get Pregnant - How can it be Told through Astrology?

The Fifth house of the birth chart is exclusively relevant with progeny and the relationship with children of the native. Hence, presence of any debilitated or retrograde planets (particularly the naturally malevolent planets) is very likely to create problems related with conceiving or during pregnancy. According to the progeny-related aspect/segment of Vedic Astrology, the following facts and factors must be considered and analyzed to discover the possibilities of pregnancy, predicting the time of pregnancy, and solutions to various relevant problems:

  • The First, Fifth, and Ninth houses of the birth chart
  • Location, nature, and capabilities of the Lord of each of above houses
  • Planets Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter should aspect the above houses or the individual lords of these houses, or transit over the houses/lords.
  • The Moon should be near or transit over the above-noted 1st, 5th, or 9th houses/lords.
  • In male horoscope, the location and status of the following planets should be favorable --- Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars.
  • In female horoscope, the following planets should be well-placed and beneficial --- Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars
  • The Fifth house or its lord should bear anyone or more of the following Zodiac Signs ---- Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini, or Aquarius
  • And, many other astrological factors should be favorable

Hence, the childbirth prediction in kundli is made considering and analyzing all above facts and factors. A meticulous study of these elements helps also in predicting the time of pregnancy. However, for determining the most accurate, reliable, and concrete decision, the birth charts of both the spouses should be analyzed.

Astrological Remedies for Childbirth Problems

The astrological remedies for progeny problems are determined after comprehensive and meticulous examination and analysis of all above-mentioned astrological facts and factors in each birth chart. The birth chart of both the spouses should be analyzed for generating the precisely accurate and the best possible remedies for progeny problems.

The generated solution to the specified progeny problems will mend, mitigate, or eliminate the effects of one or more disturbing factors, to pave the way for a quick and comfortable pregnancy. One or few of the following solution measures are generally suggested by our expert and benevolent astrologer Pandit Ji of global renown --- gemstones, mending the hindering factors, astrology yantras, certain vedic mantras for chanting/recital, and favorable worships and donations.

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