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Privacy Policy

The core and crux of our Privacy Policies, are safeguarding and promoting the legitimate privacy of our Indian and global clients, forever. We never disclose any information related with our clients to any third party, without prior permission and consent of them to do so, barring certain special circumstances such as a court order, or any mandatory compliance to the norms of prevailing government. These information and data related with our any client cover his/her name and address, email ID, telephone or mobile numbers, online queries, and data connected with our services and solutions. Every member or staff of our organization is dedicated to keep all personal, service-related, and transactional information of our clients from being accessible to any other person of the world. Moreover, our righteous and benevolent organization does not use the information of our any client for its private gains, or any illegal or ignoble purposes. Again, we disown any responsibility in connection with the privacy policies of the websites of other people or service entities, whose links and referrals may ever be found on any web-pages of our prestigious website. Lastly, in case of any doubts or queries regarding our privacy policy, or the processes and procedure to avail our services and deal with us, our visitors and clients of the world over, can promptly contact us at