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Child out of Control

Astrological solutions are also available for promoting progeny or controlling behavior of one's children. This web-article is all about how to control your son or daughter by astrology, in order to make him/her a good, law-abiding, and responsible citizen. The astrology-based and other solutions provided by our globally acclaimed and popular astrologer of India, for controlling unruly children, are illustrated separately in the section below.

Controlling children or adolescents is one of the major and most significant tasks in modern world, which the majority of parents are facing. Today, there are a great many reasons for children and teenagers being out of control; the most common and well-known are the generation and communication gap, hectic work schedules of parents, busy lifestyles of parents and the family, astrology related causes, easily found company of bad playmates or friends, bad influences of low-to average minded people, materialistic aims, growing disregard for the law and ethics, and many other reasons.

Some of the most common cases related with out-of-control children, are the following:
  • Children becoming increasingly unruly and boisterous
  • They are not obeying parents
  • They don't take due interest in education or good advice
  • Their thoughts and conducts are not positive or constructive
  • They don't understand the great importance of honesty, humanity, lawfulness, fraternity, etc.
  • They don't like to help their brother/sisters or parents in good things
  • They don't want to know or listen constraints of parents
  • They relish bad company
  • They are becoming quarrelsome or mutinous
  • They are not at all serious for their career or future
  • They think themselves mature enough to take important decisions of life like love, marriage, career, etc., alone.

How to Control Children by Astrology

Children or adolescents possessing anyone or more demerits or negative qualities, can readily and surely be corrected or mended with astrology solutions of our veteran and globally admired astrologer Ankit Sharma of India. Vast and esoteric science of astrology also offers extensive and in-depth information regarding behavior and life of one's children. In this connection, the most significant things are the fifth house of the birth horoscope of parent(s), date of birth of the child, birth name of the child, Zodiac Sign of the child, and birth chart of the child. The pieces of information given by these things help greatly in taking effective measures to controlling an unruly or reckless child.

To mend a child out of control in behavior, our erudite astrologer uses the following main measures:
  • Meticulous analysis of the Fifth House of parent's horoscope
  • Analysis of the Birth Chart of concerned child
  • Remedial/Corrective/Beneficial Gemstone(s) to be worn by parents and children
  • Mantras for Peaceful Co-existence of Children or Adolescents
  • Vashikaran for making Teenagers Obedient, Considerate, and Responsible
  • Tantras for Controlling Children