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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage, which is Best?

Love marriage vs. arrange marriage has always been a hot topic for debate among almost all the groups of age. Many people believe that arrange marriage is a better option than love marriage because it involves the decision of many people collectively and causes less problems in future. Whereas, some people accept the idea of choosing their life partner independently.

Both the ideologies have their own importance in the society and also, both love and arrange marriages have some pros and cons that make them equally good or bad. Marriage, be it love or arrange always goes through some problems, before or after. The pros and cons of both are mentioned in the text below:

Pros and Cons of Love Marriage

Pros of Love Marriage:
  • Marriage happens with mutual consent of both the partners.
  • Both the partners know each other well and understand each other from the beginning.
  • The relationship is balanced as the couple knows each other.
  • Fights can be easily resolved as they know how to make each other happy.
  • Couples are careful as they cannot blame others for anything.
Cons of Love Marriage
  • Relationship may change as they get married and cause problems.
  • The couple may not like the changes and complain about it.
  • Physical attraction may fade away after sometime.
  • Marriage is more practical which may be a big change for lovers.
  • No family is indulged in the issues.

The pros and cons of love marriage tell us how it can work and how it can create problems. Many people face love marriage problems like convincing families for which astrology is a great way.

Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriage

Pros of Arranged Marriage:
  • Match may be better.
  • Families are happily involved.
  • Partners fit religiously and ethically.
  • Family connections are strong.
  • A person has to not stress about finding a partner.
Cons of Arranged Marriage:
  • Lack of understanding in the beginning.
  • Love is not a factor.
  • Choices may not match.
  • Takes time to build trust.
  • Partners do not know each other’s lifestyle.

Arranged marriages are suggested by the families and many people give it higher preference than a love marriage but problems can be seen in arranged marriages too.

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Is it Possible to Solve Arranged or Love Marriage Problem by Astrology?

Marriage is a very important ritual that is performed to connect two lives for a better future. Marriages can be love or arranged but both types can face major difficulties in the life. The problems of the life can be solved by marriage astrology and the positions of stars and planets. It is totally possible to find solutions to love or arranged marriage problems by astrology.

Astrology is a very basic and impactful way to have your problems related to anything solved by a mere mantra or simple practice. Even the worst inter-caste marriage issues are solved by astrological remedies and people live a happy and blissful life.

Astrology is vast and its impact is vast as well. The solutions that astrology provides hold the power to change the lives of people. It gives the key to happiness with very simple and easy remedies.

How Astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji Help to Solve Love or Arrange Marriage problems?

The problems in love or arrange marriages are common and with time the graph of issues in married life of a person is rising high. Astrology provides amazing solutions for it and the marriage astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji is the one who provides best services for such problems.

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❤ Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage: Which one is Better?

Marriages, be it arranged or love, both face some struggles to make it work. Any problems in both the marriages can be solved by astrology.

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