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A Brief History of Astrology in India and Other Countries

Astrology is a science which provides information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements of the celestial bodies. Astrology dates back to as old as 2nd millennium BCE with its root in the calendrical system, which interprets the celestial cycles as signs of divine communication.

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The Indian Astrology is a very noble, natural and genuine form of astrology which has been in use since 3000 BC. Indian astrology has stemmed from the Vedas, which is the oldest form of scripture in the whole world. This ancient form of astrology is found as a part of Atharvaveda in the form of 'Mahopanishat' or 'Jyothishmati'. It is based on the fact that every event of life is based on the position of celestial bodies at the time, date and place of birth of an individual.

This Astrology deals with the influence of the sun, moon, stars and the planets on every individual and its significant role in shaping their personality as well as the future. And horoscopes are the insight into the lives of the people, which is done by studying the stars in the zodiac signs.

There are basically six branches of the Indian Ancient Astrology, which are:

Using the aforementioned six branches, the accurate traits of a person, marital compatibility and future is calculated.

The enlightened souls or the sages of the past like likeVashistha, Bhrgu, and Garga were adept in astrology and made multiple true predictions. Around the 3102 BC (beginning of Kalyug), sage Parasara wrote down the astrology text called BrhadParasara Hora Sastra, which he passed on to his disciple sage Maitreya, and so on. In this way Indian astrology was preserved for centuries and is used today also to do predictions by the expert and experienced astrologers.

But to get the solution of relationship problems, health problems, financial problems, etc., it is essential to find a genuine and highly learned astrologer as only an expert astrologer can predict the life event and provide effectual solutions for the problems on board.

In addition to India, many other cultures like Chinese, and the Maya culture have laid profound importance on the astrological events and the effect of the celestial bodies on earthly.

The Chinese astrology which is widely practiced all over the world, it also has a significant history and dates back to 2800 B.C. According to history, the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac along with the five elements and the principle of yin and yang, have been formed by the then Emperor Yao.

Apart from them, the other highly ancient form of astrology is the Western Astrology which dates back to 19th�17th century BCE Mesopotamia, after which it had expanse to Ancient Greece, Rome, the Arab world and later on Central and Western Europe.