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Love or Arranged Marriage? - What Astrology Says about Me

First of all, this fact must be considered with due solemnity that marriage is one of the most significant and influential events or matters of the whole life of a person. Therefore, while deciding about marriage (love or arranged marriage?), astrological things must also be taken into account, in order to make a marriage happy and stable.

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This concise but very enlightening and beneficial webpage deals exclusively with your common question "will i have a love marriage or arranged marriage?", with the intention to help you choose the most suited type of marriage, and thus, lead a harmonious and lasting married life with your partner. Our guru ji Pandit Ankit Sharma is a world-famous marriage astrologer of India (well-based and immensely renowned in Chandigarh), who has been helping and prospering numerous male and female people of countries worldwide, for over two decades. Apart from marriage astrology, all other realms/matters of life are well-served by him, delivering high success rates and the best possible results.

Comprehensive and meticulous examination and insightful analysis of your birth chart, can give you satisfying answer to your question �will my marriage be love or arranged?�, to support additionally your decision-making. The lower section deals exclusively with the birth chart analysis, in this connection. Here, it may also be mentioned that, analysis of the birth chart or matching the birth chart of both the partners before marriage(love marriage or arranged marriage), can undoubtedly be very revealing, securing, and advantageous.

Why Astrologer Ankit Sharma ji for Love or Arranged Marriage Astrology Services?

This section answers "love marriage or arranged marriage what astrology says?" based on the birth chart of a person. Relevant capabilities and eligibilities of our pandit ji related with the marriage astrology are also stipulated. The birth chart of at least one love partner or the partner of the proposed marriage, shall be necessary for astrological analysis.

In general, for successful love marriages, the following astrological elements and factors should be quite strong and favorable in the natal chart of a person:

Our erudite and globally-acclaimed love marriage specialist astrologer also advises to take informational help also from the Navamsa Chart (also called as the D-9 Chart), in addition to the main birth chart of the native, to find fortifying and convincing answer to your question "will i have love marriage or arranged marriage astrology?�; which is an important divisional chart related with marriage. In absence of or poor conditions of the majority of above elements and factors, the arranged or negotiation marriage may be advisable.

Well-learned and affluently experienced, and generous and benevolent in nature, pandit astrologer Ankit Sharma delivers the following qualities in his astrological services --- infallibility and utmost efficacy; generous and easily affordable service charges for all; no side effects; permanent solution to the problem specified; almost all life's problems covered, including complicated ones; his highly elegant and cost-effective measures for solution; and his constantly growing reach and reliability in countries worldwide.He has also invented two worldwide popular and commended astrology yantras

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