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Business Astrology and Remedies by Astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma

Business astrology (also referred to as the corporate astrology) is the segment of astrology which deals exclusively with the problems, risks & uncertainties, obstacles & losses, etc., associated with the business of a person. Hence, with help of the business astrology services, a businessperson can make his/her business optimally stable & smooth, profitable, and growth-oriented. Based on the birth chart of the entrepreneur/businessperson, these services prepare business reports and predictions (for the desired period of future time) and offer remedies for the business problems encountered currently or likely in future. This sumptuous webpage deals exclusively with surefire and swift business problems solution by astrology, to help entrepreneurs, businesspersons, companies and firms, corporations, professionals, industrialists, and investors belonging to India and countries worldwide.

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The business astrology and remedies by astrologer Ankit Sharma are now rather popular and reliable worldwide. These services of him can solve almost all problems related with businesses and services in various economic sectors. The suitability of business to a person, or the most fertile business-field for a person, or the degree of success achievable by a businessperson in life, all are answerable through help of business or corporate astrology, based on the birth chart of the person and other pieces of information stipulated somewhere below. Today, our veteran and innovative business astrologer Ankit Sharma is one of the most popular and leading business astrologers in India and numerous nations across the globe.

To avail astrological solutions for business, the businessperson/entrepreneur is required to provide the following pieces of information to our guru ji, in addition to the full name and birth chart of him/her --- the field of business, location of the head office of the business, the date and year of business commencement, existing sales turnover, target markets of business, etc.

Business Astrology Services for New Entrepreneurships/Start-Ups

The business astrologer services for new entrepreneurships/start-ups provide the following bright and lavish benefits:

Other benefits obtainable from the corporate astrology services by the new entrepreneurs and the existing business owners are listed in the lower section. As far as the suitability of business and success in the same are concerned, the following paragraph contains enlightening information.

In general, for getting success and wealth in any business, the following houses of the birth chart of the native should be strong and favorable --- tenth, seventh, ninth, eleventh, second, fifth, and sixth. Also, for becoming successful and prosperous in businesses, the following planets should be well-placed and beneficial to the native --- Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. However, strong and favorable statuses of the many or majority of the above-noted houses and planets may give satisfactory outcomes in businesses. Many other astrological elements and factors also play their roles in success or failure of businesses. Unfailing astrological remedies are available with our guru ji for mending all undesirable conditions for the desired business, found in the birth chart of the concerned business person.

Business or Corporate Astrology Services for Existing Business Owners

The business or corporate astrology services for existing business owners provide them the following benefits and advantages (in addition to the benefits mentioned above) after close and critical observation and analysis of their respective birth chart, in respect of the positions & influences of various planets, statuses of all relevant houses of the chart, presence of any business-related afflictions/imperfections, favorable and adverse astrological yogas, transit of planets, etc.:

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