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Saturn or Shani Sade Sati

When the planet Saturn transits through first, second and twelfth house from the Moon in the birth chart, it is known as saturn or shani sadi saati that covers all three houses in seven and a half years. It is believed that Sade Sati brings disputes, disappointments, depression and many other undesirable moments in life, however, its effect varies from person to person depending on your birth chart.

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One must understand that Saturn is not always a bad planet; it is the son of Lord Sun. Only the complete analysis of this planet in your birth chart can conclude whether it would cause problems in your life or not.

Shani is lord of justice; it gives results on the basis of our good or bad karmas. Whatever we face through saturn or shani sade sati are actually effects of our own deeds. Lord Shani is related with restriction, sacrifice, misery, discipline, death and sorrows.

Effect of Sade Sati and Astrological Solution and Its Remedies

Let's understand the effect of sade sati and its astrological solution now. Shani or Saturn acts as a judge in your life and its effects has both positive and negative aspects. When you are faced by difficulties, you learn a lot of new things as well. Without a doubt problems make you a better person. We will first talk about some common negative effects of Shani Sade Sati. These are as follow:

Besides these, saturn or shani sade sati has some positive effects also. It enhances your patience, increase sources of income, social status and improves survival techniques also. Here are a few remedies to neutralize the effect of Sade Sati: