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Pandit Ji's Predictions

Our highly prodigious, insightful, and veteran astrologer of global renown and popularity, is also engaged in generating striking, accurate, and trustworthy prophecies from time to time, to quench the curiosities of general people, and entertain and help them. His usual fields of services in India and countries of the world over have been astrology, vashikaran, psychic readings, hypnotism, numerology, reiki, nadi astrology, voodoo, vastu, corrective black magic, etc. Almost all normal to weird problems and cases occurring ever in various fields of personal, occupational, domestic, and social life of people, have been adroitly solved and eradicated by him through solutions based on these esoteric sciences. His superlative, efficient, and reasonably-charged services are very popular in most of the countries of Asia, many nations of North America, in a great many countries of Europe, and in affluent nations like Australia and South Africa, for more than a marvelous decade.

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The following are some of the latest predictions made by him, the majority being in connection with India:

In July 2014, Pt. Ankit Sharma had predicted that the 66th Indian Republic Day celebrations of 2015 would be historic enough to get the grace of 44th US President Barack Obama as Chief Guest! But, as was the case during his last visit to India in 2010, he might not be successful in seeing the Tajmahal again, this time also. Both these predictions came entirely true!