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How to Solve Misunderstanding and Quarreling in Married Life

For mitigating or eliminating misunderstandings and quarrels in between the husband and wife, astrological solutions have been very effective, successful, and hugely popular. Using astrological solutions and measures, our grand pandit ji astrologer ankit sharma has solved almost all types of problems occurring ever in between the husband and wife, and thereby, helped numerous people located in India and countries worldwide so far. This very useful and exclusive webpage offers detailed information in brief about how to solve misunderstanding and quarreling in married life, through use of astrological solutions and measures.

The following problems, disturbances, and unsettling issues ever existing in between the husband and wife, are adroitly solvable or terminable by our globally renowned astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji:
  • Differences in natural traits and characteristics
  • Differences in attitudes, lifestyles, priorities, and ambitions
  • Shortage of the desired and full mutual understanding and compatibility, including in sexual behavior and relationship
  • Diminishing mutual charm and love between spouses
  • Regular unreasonable arguments or quarrels of any spouse with other family members
  • Verbal or physical misbehavior or abuse of any partner
  • Decreasing care and concern for the other married partner and domesticity
  • Regularly growing ego of any partner
  • Rising disbelief in the other partner
  • Certain bad habits of the other partner
  • Evil influences or misguidance of the family or relatives of any spouse
  • Extramarital affair of husband or wife
  • Unwanted separation or divorce

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Causes of Marital Misunderstanding & Fighting with your Partner

According to Vedic or Hindu Astrology, the basic and pivotal causes of marital misunderstanding & fighting with your partner, and many other problems of the married life mentioned above, are the following:
  • Conditions and status of the Seventh house and the lord of seventh house in the birth chart of husband or wife. Presence of anyone or more benefic or malefic planets in 7th house, and influences of various planets on this house are very significant for reckoning of the overall status of the 7th house. Similarly, location and nature of the lord of 7th house, and its interactions with other planets, determine the overall status of the lord of the 7th house, in the natal chart of any spouse.
  • Other houses of the birth chart of any spouse which can be germane for causing disturbances and disharmony in the married life, are the following --- 1st, 8th, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. Either location or influence or both of malevolent planets on these houses may be troubling more or less. On the other hand, location or good influences of benevolent planets on these houses are effective for betterment of the overall status or situation of each of these houses.
  • Weak Venus in male horoscope and/or poor Jupiter in female horoscope.
  • Presence of anyone or more astrological doshas (such as Mangal Dosha or any related Kaal Sarpa Dosha), imperfections, or unfavorable yogas in the natal chart of husband or wife or both.
  • Other ancillary astrological reasons or factors for conflicts and turbulence in married life.

Astrological Remedies for Problems in Married Life

Comprehensive, critical, and insightful observations and analyses of the birth chart of husband or wife or both the spouses, will discover the most disturbing or destructive planets, the weakest and most unsupportive benefic planets, and diverse astrological imperfections or yogas causing problems. The astrological remedies for problems in married life provided by our globally renowned pandit ji, take into account these all astrological elements and factors.

The generated solutions for the specified problems will seek to rectify and mend the disturbing malevolent planets, strengthen the naturally benevolent planets, pacify or annul diverse astrological imperfections or yogas, and improve the overall statuses of all most relevant houses related with the problems. The usual and most common means of his solutions employ one or few of the following means --- curative and beneficial gemstones, specific Vedic Mantras for regular chanting and recital, Astrology Yantra like his globally admired Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra, pacification/annulation of harming astrological imperfections/yogas, and expert suggestions regarding corrective and favorable worships and donations.