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Know your Future by your Date of Birth

Your Date of Birth (DOB) gives a specific number, and hence, a particular frequency. This number or frequency is then utilized by the numerologist to predict all about you, your life, and things/occurrences contained in your life. If, in such a calculation or prediction, the number or frequency possessed by your full name is included, then, the predictions can undoubtedly be more accurate and trustworthy, all-inclusive, and truly impeccable. Such calculations are core part of numerology, and benefits of these calculations are separately described in the lower section of this very enlightening webpage.

Numerology or numerologists believe that every number possesses a specific vibratory frequency or power, which is fully capable of influencing a person and things of his/her life. In fact, extensive, in-depth, and creative studies and analysis of the hidden and esoteric vibratory frequencies of numbers, and influences of these on people and things of life, are the main and ultimate objectives of numerology. This revolutionary and miraculous science of numbers has been immensely commended and popular in countries worldwide since ancient times, especially in India, China, Egypt, Greece, etc. Today, numerology is commonly considered as being an inseparable part of broader astrology.

Along with being a world-famous astrologer and vashikaran specialist, our veteran and august pandit ji is also a globally reputed numerologist, who has been solving problems related with diverse areas of life through his highly refined and impeccable solutions based on numerology in countries worldwide, for about a decade.

How Pandit Ankit Sharma ji Resolves your Problems by your DOB

After knowing your date of birth and full name, our dignified and mellow pandit ji will perform necessary numerology calculations and analysis to discover four key (or core) numbers related with you. These core numbers are Life Path Number [based of Date of Birth], The Expression or Destiny Number [based on Full Name], Soul Urge Number [Vowels in Name], and Birthday Number. After these calculations, he will be able to help you confidently and expertly in connection with the following:
  • In discovering your natural and personal characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses
  • In knowing your best career options, and aims and priorities in life
  • In recognizing your most auspicious, best, and very lucky numbers, days, dates, and colors
  • In making some constructive and beneficial alterations in your name
  • In enhancing your creative talents and strengths, requisite for success and prosperity
  • In solving your problems related with love partner, marriage, domesticity, friends, family, etc.
  • In finding rich and bright employment quickly
  • In tackling problems connected with health, education, career selection
  • In securing and propelling your career, financial and social status
  • In deciding and fixing dates for tours and travels, celebrations, social events, etc.
  • In knowing answers to questions related with your inner personality, impulses, tendencies, etc.

To avail these benefits offered by the services of our world-famous and highly prestigious pandit ji, please contact over: +91-95017-04528; or email your Date of Birth, together with your Full Name, to: These services are receivable both through personal contact and online means.