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Diamond Gemstone

Diamonds have been dazzling and alluring the whole world since ancient times, starting from the Indian Subcontinent to Persia and Europe, and then, to the rest of the world. The most outstanding qualities creditable for overwhelming popularity and fame of diamonds are their extreme hardness, high refractive index, high thermal and electrical conductivity, lavish astrological benefits, and immense beauty. Other names of a diamond are "Heera" in Hindi, "Almaas" in Farsi, and Varjmani or Indramani in Sanskrit. To enlighten and help people of the world over, being provided on this webpage are basics of diamonds, essentially including the various astrological benefits and effects of diamond gemstones to people with weak and strong Venus in their respective birth chart.

Commonly found in the upper surface of the Earth (called as Earth's Mantle), Diamonds are regarded as being the purest product in the mineralogy and gemology. Generally, almost all known gemstones are made up of complex carbon-silicates with some metal inclusions or impurities; but the diamond gemstone is simply a magnificent carbon allotrope. Today, the most admired and marvelous diamonds are procured from Brazil, South Africa and other African countries like Angola and Botswana, and Antwerp of Europe. Again, the most famous and effective alternatives or substitutes of diamonds are White Sapphires, White Zircon, White Turmali, White Sphatik, etc. This supreme gemstone for Venus is said to be related with the Hrit Padma Chakra of the body.

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Diamond Gemstones Astrological Benefits and Effects

Diamonds are worn for making the planet Venus, lenient, generous, favorable, and optimally beneficial, by people with both malefic and benefic Venus in their respective natal chart. Although diamonds are quite beneficial to people born under all twelve zodiac signs, these are most suitable and supportive to Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendants. Again, the most benefited people by diamonds are artistic people, businessmen and traders, doctors, musicians, artists, culturists, etc.

The following are most remarkable diamond gemstone astrological benefits to these people, and other people in general:
  • In general, diamonds are rather renowned for improving and enhancing health and beauty, intellect and coolness of mind, general good luck, artistic qualities and success, wealth and prosperity, fame and social reputation, victory over rivals and enemies, strong sexual stamina, and happy marital life.
  • Diamond is favorable for richness, success, and succulence in matters of love and romance, marriage, and happy marital life and bliss.
  • Diamond is very supportive to the sexual strength and stamina, and the overall physical and mental health of the wearer.
  • Diamond is helpful in problems related with eyes, throat, sexual organs, digestive system, stone in the bladder or kidney, fears from supernatural powers, etc.
  • Diamond helps in building a mature, methodological, and upright approach towards the problems of life. But the wearers must check on their growing ego and being critical to other people, especially the near and dear ones.
  • Diamond is effective also in dispelling fears of supernatural powers, and in defeating one's enemies and competitors.