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Hessonite Garnet Gemstone

This pellucid gemstone consisting of a Calcium Aluminum Silicate, is regarded as being the best gemstone in the Garnet group. The major shadowy planet Rahu rules over this gemstone. This hessonite garnet gemstone is used for warding off the evil influences of Rahu, and for giving the wearer a miraculous personality and fame. Presence of Manganese and Iron gives this gemstone the color of orange brown or reddish orange, resembling Cow's urine. In Vedic Astrology, this Hessonite Garnet is known as "Gomedha"; it was also used to be known as Cinnabar or Cinnamon in ancient India. This webpage contains exclusive and immensely useful information about the creative and securing astrological effects of hessonite garnet gemstones and superb astrological solutions of our globally renowned astrologer pandit ji, using these gemstones, to help the troubled and ambitious people of the world over.

The finest-quality hessonite garnet gemstones are obtained from the limestone deposits of Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Brazil, India, and Africa. And, the most famous and effective substitute or alternative to this hessonite garnet is Orange Zircon. This hessonite garnet and its substitute are especially suitable for legal professionals, scientists, politicians, business leaders, and all those people who are bound to deal efficiently with employees and servants.

Hessonite Garnet Gemstones Astrological Benefits and Effects

The planet Rahu is one of the most significant planets contributing to the mental and spiritual equilibrium of a person. Hence, hessonite garnet is certainly very beneficial to people with malefic as well as benefic Rahu.

The major hessonite garnet gemstone astrological benefits are the following:
  • This amazing gemstone is very helpful for eliminating depression, negativity, feelings of guilt and inferiority, and imparting self-respect and new bright ideas; thus promoting peace of mind, and creative thinking.
  • This gemstone is believed to unblock and energize the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra, and thereby, helping the development of originality, intuitive powers, wisdom, high consciousness, and spirituality.
  • Wearing hessonite garnet helps in getting occupational success and fame, social reputation, wealth, marital bliss, and prosperity in life.
  • Its mystic powers protect the wearer against evil spirits, rivals, enemies, dangerous plots, controversies, and the possibility of being poisoned.
  • This garnet is also renowned for boosting health and mental equilibrium, and curing skin diseases, hair fall, ailments related with acidity and wind, migraine, cerebral disorders, etc.