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Effects of Gemstones on Human Body

Each planet offers both good and favorable, and bad and adverse effects on human body, depending upon its nature and strength, and astrological transit and circumstances. The location and nature of any planet in any specific house of the birth horoscope certainly play a very significant role. To alleviate the negative effects of such a planet, and boost and promote its positive and favorable effects, and improve or enhance certain good qualities in the wearer, a gemstone is used. A gemstone holds the capability to absorb the influences of the related planet, especially the negative and unfavorable influences, and thus, plays a great role for securing the person from various undesirable things and occurrences caused by malevolent planet. Thus, gemstones are undoubtedly great boons to people. Each gemstone has certain characteristics which favor the wearer against bad influences of any particular planet, for example, Ruby is the most famous gemstone of the planet Sun. The section below is dedicated to rich, hugely beneficial, and elusive information regarding the effects of gemstones on human body; the most effective and superb gemstone for each planet is considered.

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Gemstone Astrology Remedies

Though there are many effective gemstones for each planet, few are most efficacious and are therefore, considered as being the best. The paragraphs below contain the best gemstone for each of the nine planets of Vedic or Hindu Astrology, and the most common and special beneficial qualities of these all gemstones on human body:

  • Gemstone for Sun: --- Ruby is the most magnificent gemstone for planet Sun. This gemstone helps in achieving prominence and renown, virtues and spirituality, passion and motivation, courage and determination, and triumph in life. The qualities to be improved through use of this sumptuous gemstone are purity and spirituality, strong will and determination, independence, leadership, and capacity to command other people and reign over.
  • Gemstone for Moon: --- The best gemstone for Moon is Pearl. Pearls are excellent for improving and enhancing emotional stability, inner and outer beauty, friendliness, mental strength and peace, marital bliss, and feelings of contentment.
  • Gemstone for Mars: --- Red Coral represents planet Mars. This gemstone imparts and improves courage and boldness, along with necessary insights, to conquer enemies.
  • Gemstone for Mercury: --- The most effective gemstone for planet Mercury is Emerald. This amazing gemstone offers the wearer great qualities like creative imaginations, mental alertness and control, communication skills, and discriminative intellect, along with improving memory also.
  • Gemstone for Jupiter: --- Yellow Sapphire is superb gemstone for planet Jupiter. This gemstone is rather renowned for enhancing intelligence and wisdom, power of right judgment, compassion, enthusiasm, communication skills, etc., and helps in bringing forth certain unique qualities of the wearer. Due to these abilities and qualities the wearers achieve success and promotion in professions, profits in business, financial prosperity, and all comforts and luxuries in life.
  • Gemstone for Venus: --- Diamond represents Venus. This one of the most glamorous gemstones is globally distinguished and popular for improving and further increasing qualities like allure and attractiveness, artistic qualities, general good luck, longevity, peace and serenity, victory over rivals and enemies, fame and grace, social reputation, etc.
  • Gemstone for Saturn: --- Blue Sapphire is eminent gemstone for planet Saturn. This blue sapphire creates and enhances endurance, calmness, practicality, good luck, righteousness, intuitive foresight, elevation of professional and social status, wealth and prosperity, and balanced detachment.
  • Gemstone for Rahu: --- This major shadowy planet is represented by the gemstone Hessonite Garnet. This miraculous gemstone is highly admired for helping development of originality and uniqueness, keen sense of clarity and discrimination, and striking occupational and social reputation.
  • Gemstone for Ketu: --- And, the most efficacious gemstone for another shadowy planet Ketu, is Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye. This gemstone establishes and promotes better work concentration, admirable insight for good judgment and discrimination, mental peace and grasp, and absence of doubts and uncertainties related with things of occupation and life.

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