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Red Coral Gemstone

Related with fiery Mars, Red Coral (Known as Lal Moonga in Hindi and Vedic Astrology) has been a magnificent gemstone since ancient times in countries of the world over, especially in India, European countries, and Egypt. Today also, the red coral gemstones are used in jewelry and as astrological gemstones. As astrological gemstones, red corals are used for the following three main purposes --- to alleviate or nullify the bad and destructive effects of malefic Mars; to enhance the positive and favorable effects of benefic Mars; and to cure or prevent certain diseases. More information about the red coral gemstone astrological benefits is provided exclusively in the section below.

Growing in rocky sea-bottoms, red corals are naturally matte, but can be polished also to a glassy shine. Today, the most globally famous producers of corals are Algeria, Spain, Italy, India, France, Tunisia, Corsica, Sicily, and Sardinia. The most effective alternative to red coral is red Carnelian. Our gemstone specialist pandit ankit sharma is a globally renowned astrologer of India, who is well-versed in offering astrological solutions using various varieties of genuine and top-notch corals, essentially including the red corals, to solve diverse problems of the people worldwide, both men and women. It is found that, red corals are particularly very beneficial to Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio ascendants.

Red Coral Gemstones Astrological Benefits and Effects

Red Coral is renowned globally for imparting and improving courage and boldness, along with the necessary vigor and insights to conquer enemies. The favorable effects of red coral gemstones are highly supportive and propelling to soldiers, police officers, surgeons, sports celebrities, workers of ordinance factory, electricians, politicians, people engaged in real estate, etc.

The following are the most remarkable benefits obtainable from wearing red corals by men, women, and children:
  • Red coral reduce or nullifies the bad and negative effects of Mangal Dosha or malefic Mars
  • It can also be utilized for enhancing good and favorable influences of benefic Mars, and thus, improving one's good fortune and power.
  • The Romans believed that red corals offer anti-venom influence to heal quickly the wounds caused by snakes and scorpions.
  • Wearing red coral helps in faster marriage and happy married life
  • Wearing a ring, necklace, or bracelets of red corals is very beneficial for curing and preventing the following ailments and diseases ---- general weakness and debility, impotency, smallpox, piles, rickets in children, arthritis, jaundice, fevers, rheumatism, anemia, bronchitis, etc.

In addition to perfect and efficacious astrology solutions through red corals, our well-learned pandit ji also provides all famous and superb varieties of corals, to serve best his Indian and global clients. For the best benefits the red corals must be studded/capped in copper first, before being used in the gold or silver pedestal ring.