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Ruby Gemstone

Magnificent gemstone Ruby (Manikya in Hindi) is often termed as being the king of gemstones owing to its association with the king of planets and the solar system, the Sun. Again, this most costly gemstone for Sun, is also one of the four most precious gemstones, the other three being Sapphires, Emerald, and Diamond. The most well-known alternatives to ruby gemstone are Red Garnet, Red Spinel, Red Tourmaline, etc. The various astrological benefits and effects of ruby gemstones are described separately in the section below.

Rubies boast of great combinations of hardness (around 9 on Mohs scale) and rich color ranging from pink to blood red. Chemically, rubies are mixtures of elements like Aluminum, Iron, Oxygen, and Chromium. The different colors of rubies are attributed to the presence of Chromium in the mineral corundum. Among all natural rubies, the most expensive and popular are the rubies with color pigeon blood red. Burmese Rubies are regarded as superlative owing to better transparency and rich color. Other most prominent sources of natural rubies in the world are Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar (Africa), Kabul (Afghanistan), China, and South India.

Ruby Gemstones Astrological Benefits and Effects

The ruby gemstone astrological benefits are obtainable by all those people who have both malefic and benefic Sun in their respective birth chart. This ruby performs mainly the two functions, namely, pacifying and alleviating the malefic effects of the Sun, and enhancing positive and favorable effects of the benefic Sun. Creative professionals of high occupational and social statuses looking for fast success, fame, and good health are advised to wear this ruby gemstone. These people include engineers, judges and other legal experts, politicians, diplomats, artists, government officials, etc.

Ruby is immensely helpful for inspiring creativity, bringing forth confidence and spirituality, promoting financial status and luxuries, safeguarding against evil spirits, taking away sadness and gloom, and for improving and enhancing qualities of leadership, boldness and strong will, and capacity to reign over people and opponents. The most distinguished medical benefits of ruby are improved blood circulation and eye sight, and also the prevention of stomach related problems, as this gemstone is related with navel Chakra of the body. To receive the best possible and favorable results, ruby should be set in a ring of gold or bronze.