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Pearl Gemstone

Pearls (called as Moti or Mukta in Hindi) are globally renowned for their great beauty, astrological benefits, and lavish medicinal and healing properties. Hence, pearls have been extensively used as jewelry and also as gemstones for receiving astrological benefits. Pearls are the best gemstone for making the Moon favorable or less destructive. These pearls are related with the zodiac sign Cancer and to the Swathisthana Chakra. This webpage contains rich and exclusive information regarding the pearls, and various effects of pearl gemstones on the wearers.

Consisting of aragonite crystals and containing mainly calcium carbonate, pearls are found in ocean beds, and are products of bivalve mollusks, primarily Oysters and Mussels. Among a wide variety of pearls, the South Sea Pearls and Basra Pearls (Natural Pearls) are considered as the best in countries the world over. Today, the most famous producers of pearls in the world are India, Sri Lanka, China (especially the cultured pearls), Australia, Venezuela, Persian Gulf, and Japan. Though pearl gemstones are versatile enough to benefit persons of all zodiac signs, these are especially most suitable for Cancerians, Pisceans, and Scorpios. Lastly, the most prominent alternative to pearl gemstone is Moonstone.

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Pearl Gemstones Astrological Benefits and Effects

Pearls are immensely useful for alleviating the negative and bad effects of malefic moon and enhancing positive and constructive influences of benefic moon on the wearers. Additionally, pearls also offer some healing effects on the overall body.

Broadly, the main pearl gemstone astrological benefits are the following:
  • Pearls promote emotional stability, equable temperament, and mental peace.
  • Pearls enhance softness, bodily beauty including the great allure of face and eyes, and tender feelings.
  • Pearls are also excellent for improving mental peace and strength and memory.
  • Pearls are helpful for curing insomnia, troubles related with throat and eyes, dysentery, heart-related problems, etc.
  • Pearls are very supportive to blossoming of love, close relations, and happy married life.
  • Pearls are rather renowned for bringing about fame, wealth, good fortune, and lavish luxuries in life.
  • Pearls are superb for pacifying anger, tensions, and mental stresses.