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Astrological Remedies for Delayed Marriages

Marriage is one of the most important and vital works or necessities of life. Hence, magnificent and time-tested science of astrology inevitably offers a rich stock of extensive and sumptuous information and facts over marriage of individuals. This opulent gamut of knowledge and information regarding marriage also covers the various causes responsible for delay in marriages. This webpage contains exclusive and useful information about the astrological remedies for delayed marriages, along with expounding the possible causes of delay in marriages of people located in countries worldwide.

According to astrology, the most relevant and important houses in the birth horoscope of the concerned person in relation to marriage and married life are the Seventh house (7Th house), Eighth house (8Th house), Tenth house (10Th house), Thirds house [3Rd house), etc. And, the most significant and influential planets in connection with timely marriage and marital bliss are Jupiter, Mars, Venus, etc. Therefore, these planets should be well-placed, virtuous, and powerful in the birth horoscope of the native. In connection with marriage and domesticity, the dominant house is the 7th house; the 8th house of the horoscope contains facts about the longevity of the spouse; and the 10th and 3rd houses offers information about relations with in-laws and brothers- and sisters-in-laws, respectively. The planet Jupiter plays a great role in timely marriage and marital happiness of the native. Good and strong Mars is considered supportive to harmony and happiness in the married life. While powerful Venus promotes quick marriage, conjugal harmony, and materialistic comforts in married life.

All Types of Marriage (Love/Arranged) Problems Solution by Astrology

Our world-acclaimed astrologer is now one of the immensely reliable and reputed marriage- specialist astrologers and love-marriage astrologers in India and countries all across the world. Many other sciences are also comprehensively covered by the services of Pandit Ankit Sharma; to know his affluent gamut of services, please visit other web-pages of this globally reliable website.

As far as marriages are concerned, he offers supportive solutions and services for bringing about all types of marriages to people living in countries worldwide, including the most common and popular varieties of the arranged marriages, love marriages, and the inter-caste marriages. These solutions and services are provided through corrective and beneficial gemstones, rudraksha therapy, mantra therapy, alleviation or elimination of disturbing malevolent Yogas, performing certain Poojas, or activities of charity. At this juncture, it must be noted that our erudite, benevolent, and dignified pandit ji offers these solutions after making extensive and meticulous observation of all the houses and planets in the birth horoscope of the native, the position and nature of the planets, strengths and weaknesses of the planets, and the good and bad influences of the planets. For delay or deferment in marriage, and troubles in the marital life, the following astrological factors and facts are responsible:

  • Presence or influence of any natural benevolent planets in the 7th house offers positive and auspicious results regarding married and marital bliss. On the other hand, location or influence of natural malevolent planets (such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu, etc.) in the 7th house give negative results, such as delay in marriage, relationship problems in married life, etc. Saturn is universally known for causing delay in marriages. Again, if the lord of the 7th house is positioned in its own house, or sees or favors the 7th house, then there will be harmony and happiness in the married life.
  • Low status of planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in the birth horoscope of the native
  • Presence of Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or the twelfth house of the birth horoscope, causes the Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha to the native, which results in delayed marriage and problems in married life.
  • Presence of any malevolent planet in the eighth house, should also be considered while match making.
  • Again, the tenth and third houses of the horoscope be made favorable and auspicious through presence or good influences of virtuous planets.
  • Delay in marriage is also caused if the Seventh house remains uninfluenced and unoccupied by any planet.

Marriage Delay Mantra in Hindi and English

Our grand Pandit Ji, who is also a best vashikaran specialist of global renown and reliability, also performs vashikaran services for quickening marriage of a marriageable person, boy or girl. All various reasons or factors delaying the proposed marriage are eliminable through his elegant and benign vashikaran services. These reasons or factors may relate to the personal, familial, social, educational/occupational, financial, and other matters and obstructions. His every mantra for marriage problems has been very successful, and hence highly commended worldwide. These vashikaran services also give the desired results in reasonably short span of time.

Almost all vashikaran mantras (including the shiv parvati mantra for marriage) used by our expert and kind pandit ji for quickening or facilitating a marriage are very powerful, harmless, and truly efficacious. And, the service charges for these vashikaran services of our generous pandit ji are also reasonably low. To avail his vashikaran mantra for quick marriage, required will be a photograph or/and name of the other disagreeing or delaying marriage partner, or any third person deterring the marriage. After knowing a particular problem or situation, our pandit ji then select aptly suitable mantra and thereafter, performs the necessary efficacious vashikaran. Lastly, any aggrieved or frustrated marriageable person may get on request the needed vashikaran mantra to get married soon for boy or girl, from our generous and benevolent pandit ji. However, while requesting for any marriage delay mantra in hindi and english, the interested person must take all necessary guidelines and instructions from our pandit ji, in order to make the vashikaran utmost effective and harmless.

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