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Monthly Horoscopes December - 2018

With the intention to make the month of December 2018 peaceful, progressive, and optimally happy to people of the world over, presented below are the authentic December 2018 horoscope forecasts for all Star Signs related with career, health, love relationship, and money & finance.

December 2018 Aries Horoscope Predictions

Bold and innovative Arians (March 21 - April 19) will achieve progress in their respective occupation in December 2018, but with commensurate efforts. But, they must take care that their busy work schedules should not affect their health adversely. Hence, sufficient nutrition, rest, and sleep are advisable. In December, the financial situation of Arians is expected to remain good and stable though with help from familial members. Smooth and succulent will be relationship with their respective spouse.

December 2018 Taurus Horoscope Predictions

On the whole, the Bulls (April 20 - May 20)will enjoy progress and gains in various realms of life in December 2018. Planet Venus will be favoring their career growth. Relationship with their respective love partner/spouse will remain peaceful and harmonious. Their financial conditions will be improving though gradually in December 2018. And, their health will remain robust.

December 2018 Gemini Horoscope Predictions

Experimental and eclectic Geminis (May 21 - June 20)will be thriving in their respective careers in December 2018. Their love life will also be luscious. However, likely are fluctuations in monetary gains and returns. Lastly, advisable is taking proper care of their health and vitality.

December 2018 Cancer Horoscope Predictions

The Crabs (June 21 - July 22) will be reaping bumper harvest in financial arena in December 2018. However, their respective profession as well as workplace are likely to demand excessive stricture and efforts for progress. Health may require sufficient care particularly in the last fortnight. And, their relationship with lover/spouse will be smooth but volatile.

December 2018 Leo Horoscope Predictions

Leos (July 23 - August 22)are to achieve substantial gains in December 2018 in the financial and health realms. Again, their relationship with love partner/spouse will be luscious and intimating, provided they become amiable and generous. However, their work environment may become quite tense and demanding in December 2018.

December 2018 Virgo Horoscope Predictions

Virgos (August 23 - September 22) will be rejoicing succulent and satisfying relationship with love partner/spouse in December 2018. Clashes and turbulence are likely at work place. Finances may remain stable and growing, particularly from real estate dealings. Recommended are ample and strict care for nutrition and health.

December 2018 Libra Horoscope Predictions

Altogether, Libras (September 23 - October 22) will witness just an average month in December 2018 in various life's spheres. Finances are likely to grow by ingenuity and prudence. Matters in love life should be handled and guided generously and wisely. Career is expected to remain more or less fallow. And, their health and energy levels will be strong and high, particularly in the first three weeks of the month.

December 2018 Scorpio Horoscope Predictions

To Scorpios (October 23 - November 21), December 2018 is likely to be a moderate month in various spheres. Familial support will be beneficial for maintaining good and stable conditions financially. Their relationship with love partner/spouse will be sweet but volatile, hence stability is to be maintained. Honing professional skills will boost progress in profession. And, health of them will not create worries.

December 2018 Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions

Famous for possessing positive attitude towards life, Sagittarians (November 22 - December 21) will spend quite a peaceful and progressive time in December 2018. Occupational and social contacts will be supportive for professional progress. Health is most likely to remain good and strong. Relationship of them with lover/spouse will be in concord and contenting. And, the latter half of the month will be most fertile in respect of monetary gains.

December 2018 Capricorn Horoscope Predictions

Capricorns(December 22 - January 19)will be full of energy and health in December 2018. Monetary incomes and gains will be obtained regularly, excepting the last week of December 2018. Career will be going on smoothly but slowly. And, relationship of them with lover/spouse may become somewhat clamorous, so keep care.

December 2018 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions

Innovative Aquarians(January 20 - February 18)will find a wonderful month in form of December 2018 in various fields. Their professional and social relations will be helping their career progress. Their health will be robust and supportive. Holiday vacation with love partner or spouse will be harmonizing. And, their financial conditions will be stable and comfortable in the month.

December 2018 Pisces Horoscope Predictions

Barring some minor health problems, Pisceans (February 19 - March 20)will achieve remarkable progress and gains in all other important spheres in December 2018. Their professional career will be thriving fast. Monetary gains and returns will be pleasing them. And, their love life or married life will be harmonious and luscious.