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Couple Understanding Problem Solution by Astrology

Misunderstandings, conflicts, or disputes are quite normal and common between the husband and wife, caused by reasons forming a wide variety. However, occurrences of such things, even from time to time, are detrimental to the requisite peace, succulence, achievements, and prosperity in the domesticity, and also in the individual life of both the married partners. Hence, misunderstanding between couples must be eliminated, to achieve these vital and most significant objectives.

This responsibly well-drafted and highly informative web-article provides marvelous information about couple understanding problem solution by astrology, offered cheaply and swiftly by our pandit ji of global fame. The section below provides the various astrological causes for such discrepancies and disputes between the husband and wife, along with the solutions for mitigating and eliminating such problems forever. Thousands of individual husbands, wives, and couples, have made their respective married life and domesticity peaceful and happy through help of the solutions extended by our grand and righteous pandit ji of India, so far, during his bright and very successful career spanning more than two decades.

The following are some of the most common and expedient reasons for creating misunderstandings, discrepancies, and alienating tendencies in between the husband and wife:
  • Differences in natural traits, attitudes, and priorities of the two married partners
  • Considerable differences in the occupational, financial, or social statuses of the spouses
  • Absence of due compatibility, maturity, and sufficiency in sexual matters and behavior
  • Misguidance or evil influences of the family or relatives of any partner
  • Decreasing care and concern for one's spouse or domesticity
  • Diminishing charm and love between the married partners
  • Extramarital affair of any married partner
  • Certain bad habits or past mistakes of the other partner
  • Rising disbelief or ego in between the spouses
  • Uncertain, instable, or insufficient finances

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Relationship Expert Astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma

Almost all types of debates, disputes, and problems ever occurring in between the spouses caused by the above-mentioned reasons and other reasons, are solvable and terminable for the rest of the life, through expert and benevolent support of our grand and conscientious pandit ji. The astrological solutions are created by our one of the best relationship expert astrologers of India and the whole world, after extensive and intensive analysis of the following relevant astrological factors and elements:
  • Conditions and overall status of each of the houses of the following ---- 7th, 1st, 8th, 12th, 4th, 10th, 11th, 6th, and 2nd. Considered and analyzed mainly are the locations of specific planet(s) and zodiac sign in each of these houses. Good and bad influences of various malevolent and benevolent planets on these houses are also critically examined. Locations and statuses of the lords of these houses in the natal chart of any partner are also analyzed.
  • Observations are made to detect the presence of any doshas like the Mangal dosha or any pertinent Kaal Sarpa doshas, and other astrological imperfections or adverse yogas in the birth horoscope of husband or wife or both.
  • Determination of the most destructive and influential malevolent planets, and weak and unsupportive benefic planets.

After observation and analysis of these factors, infallible solutions are suggested for rectifying and mending the main disturbing planets, pacification of adverse yogas or harmful doshas, and betterment of the overall statuses of all most relevant houses of the birth chart of our client.

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