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Best Astrologer for Husband Wife Problems or Marital Issues

In connection with infallible and harmless astrology services for saving marriage life, our grand pandit ji ankit sharma is considered as being one of the best and most reliable astrologers in the whole world, at present. All various types of problems pertaining to married life, relationship between husband and wife, separation/divorce, and domesticity have been encompassed under the wide gamut of his services under this broad category of marriage life. This particular webpage gives very useful information about the astrological solutions for solving problems occurring ever in these all areas of married life/domesticity.

Swift and unfailing solutions offered by ours best and famous astrologer for husband wife problems, are based on critical and scrupulous analysis of the natal chart of at least one married partner, husband or wife. The solutions are bound to be utmost effective if analyzed are the birth charts of both the partners of a married life.

In general, for marital problems solution by astrology, the following main astrological elements and factors are examined and analyzed in the natal chart of each partner:
  • The specific zodiac signs and planets located in the houses of 7th, 1st, 8th, 12th, 4th, 10th, 11th, 6th, 5th, and 2nd.
  • Influences of benefic and malefic planets (located in other houses of the chart) on these houses, and also on the lords of these houses.
  • Locations, tendencies, and statuses of the lords of these houses in the birth chart
  • Determination of the most favorable benefic planets and most troublesome/destructive malefic planets in one's birth chart
  • And, identification of any doshas (such as mangal dosha, kaal sarpa doshas, etc.) or harmful yogas in the chart

Based on the above observations, solutions to the specified problems between the husband and wife, are generated and suggested by our globally renowned astrologer.

Best Astrologer for Divorce Problems

For identifying the various possible causes responsible for increasing the chances of an unwanted separation or divorce also, closely examined are all above-noted astrological things, and many other elements, particularly in the birth chart of the recipient of our service in this connection. Till date, many thousands of individual husbands and wives have been helped by ours best astrologer for divorce problems, for leading a united married life of peace, rejuvenating satisfaction, and achievements.

For the purposes of generating sovereign astrological solutions to prevent an unwanted divorce, or restoration of a harmonious relationship after separation, our genius pandit ji points out the following things, depending on specific situations:
  • Disturbing and unsettling influences of malefic planets on 7th and other relevant houses
  • Bad effects of specific planets on the lord of 7th house, and also on those of other pertinent houses
  • The ways to minimize ill effects of malefic planets in general
  • The ways to sanctify and strengthen the weaker benefic planets
  • And, the ways to rectify and mend the dominant malefic planet(s)