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Vaastu Consultation Pt. Ankit Sharma

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science related with designing and construction of concrete and other structures used for various purposes. The principles of vastru shastra have been derived from the Sthapathya Veda, which is regarded as being one of the sacred and highly benevolent books in Hinduism. Vastu Shastra believes in constructing buildings which can utilize the positive forces of the nature maximally, and can minimize all possible negative forces and influences on people concerned. Thus, the main and ultimate aims of vastu shastra are to make the life of people happy, peaceful, trouble-free, and optimally successful. Hence, our pandit ji vaastu consultation Ankit Sharma also covered this very useful science of vastu in the opulent gamut of his solutions and services, to help people in living peaceful, happy, and prosperous lives. The vastu services of our globally acclaimed pandit ji are described in the section below, for the clear understanding and the best possible convenience of the visitors.

Vastu Shastra believes in utilizing the knowledge given by science, arts, astrology, and astronomy, and calculates effects of natural forces in eight directions. As per this ancient and esoteric science of vastu shastra, various forces of the nature (essentially including the five basic elements of Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air) influence the life of every living being on earth; and therefore, the thoughts, deeds, behavior, and luck are inherently affected by these forces or energies of the nature. Vastu strives to maximize the positive effects of these forces, and minimize the negative or ill-effects of these forces on resident people, through well-informed and safe construction of living and commercial buildings and structures.

Vastu Remedies

Principles of vastu shastra are applicable to homes, offices, commercial buildings, industries, institutions, religious places, hotels, restaurants, towns, other structures of the hospitality sector, and the whole earth at large. Our guru ji of global fame and popularity offers expert and impeccable consultations for designing and constructing the following residential, official, commercial, industrial, and other buildings and structures:
  • Vastu for Home: --- Pooja Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Study Room, Guest Room, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Children Room, Bathroom, etc. Vastu for Residential Apartments, Flats, and so on.
  • Vastu for Offices: --- Professional Offices, Firms, organizations, Institutions, etc.
  • Vastu for Commercial Building and Structures: --- Shops, Showrooms, Malls, Commercial Complexes, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Movie Halls, Entertainment Avenues, Industries, etc.
  • Vastu for other Public Buildings and Spaces: --- Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Airports, Hostels, Universities, and so on.
  • Vastu for Religious Establishments: ---- Temples, Mosques, Churches, etc.

Our pandit ji Ankit Sharma also offers remedies for alleviating or eliminating the bad influences of wrongly built building and structures, through Vastu Pyramid, Vastu Yantra, Vastu Energy Plate, Vastu Gem Stone, Vastu Crystal, etc. Moreover, vastu tips and services are also available for certain specific purposes, such as selection of perfect plot for residential or commercial purposes, vastu tips for career growth, vastu tips for wealth, tips for color selection for home or offices, vastu for happy married life, vastu for sound health, and so on.

All matters pertaining to our clients are kept confidential rigorously, and are never used by our reputed and benevolent firm for institutional or promotional advantages.