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What is Manglik or Low Mangal Dosha?

The Manglik or Low Mangal Dosha, both represent the high or low intensity of the probable ill effects of malefic Mangal in the birth horoscope of a person (male or female).

The planet Mangal becomes malevolent, if it is located in any of the following houses of the ascendant chart (Rasi or Lagna Chart) of a person --- First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, and Twelfth. Again, this mangal dosha also occurs when the planet Mangal is present in any of these houses of the Moon Chart or Venus Chart. Hence, decision regarding the presence of this mangal dosha in the natal chart of a person, and also about the low or high intensity of this dosha, must be taken after comprehensive observation and analysis of these all facts. Here, it must also be noted that in some cases, this mangal dosha gets alleviated, neutralized, or eliminated.

The high or low intensity of the mangal or kuja dosha can broadly be decided based on the following two major categories of observations:
  • Existence of this kuja dosha in more than one chart; this reflects cumulative and high/severe mangal dosha. Presence of this dosha in only one Chart, shows low intensity of this dosha.
  • In the ascendant chart, the severity of this mangal dosha is more, when the planet Mangal is located in any of the following houses ---- Seventh, First, and Eighth. Presence of Mars in any of the other three houses gives low mangal dosha. This criterion of reckoning mangal dosha also applies to the Moon Chart as well as the Venus Chart. The question "what is low mangal dosha?" is thus gets here answered explicitly.

Manglik or Low Mangal Dosha Remedies by Astrology

Remedies for both the high and low mangal dosha are available through astrological and other measures (which are described below), to help Manglik (suffering from mangal dosha of high or low intensity) people of the world over.

The high or low mangal dosha solution before or after marriage, both are explained separately in lower sections. Here now, being described in brief the grave need of mitigating or eliminating this mangal dosha, and also how to remove manglik dosha with efficient and expert support of our globally renowned and great astrologer Guru Ji of India. To avail these services of our Pandit Ji, the concerned people just have to contact or meet him with their respective birth horoscope.

A manglik person (male or female) is likely to suffer from one or more of the following difficulties or problems, both before and after his/her marriage, if the dosha is not removed:
  • Irregular Education, and Late Blossoming of the Career
  • Financial Difficulties or Losses
  • Professional Problems
  • Unreasonable Delay in getting Married
  • Disturbances, Conflicts, and Discord in Married Life
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Progeny related Problems
  • Any Permanent Disability or even Death to the Non-Manglik Spouse.

How to Remove Manglik Dosha Before Marriage?

Described under this section are both the high and low manglik dosha remedies for boy or girl well before marriage, to make their respective marriage hassle-free and their married life trouble-free. It must be noted that, at the time of horoscope matching for marriage, this mangal dosha has critical and decisive significance.

The following are hugely popular and highly effective measures for pacification and elimination of this Bhom dosha to benefit unmarried male or female:
  • Wearing Red Coral and other remedial/favorable gemstones.
  • Keeping a fast on Tuesdays regularly
  • Chanting or Recital of Mangal Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Navgraha Mantra, or Gayatri Mantra
  • Keeping Mangal Yantra
  • Organizing Pooja or ceremony like "Mangal Kavacham" for pacification of and safety from ill-effects of this dosha
  • Feeding sweet things and grains to small birds and animals, on Tuesdays and other days of the week
  • Donating things like Red Clothes, Sweets, Jaggery, Blood, etc., especially on Tuesdays.
  • Planning for marriage after the age of 28.
  • Performing the ritual of "Kumbh Vivah" before the actual marriage.

How to Remove Manglik Dosha After Marriage ?

To remove manglik dosha after marriage (if one could not remove it before marriage, unknowingly or unfortunately), the manglik spouse will have to do few or all of the following activities:
  • Sincere practice of patience, tolerance, humility, and non-violence.
  • Doing many above-mentioned activities which are relevant.
  • Adopt a lifestyle which is conducive to peace and harmony in married life, and intimacy with spouse.
  • Keeping an ivory (Haathi Daant) at home.
  • And, doing other activities to placate and please planet Mangal.

How Marriage Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji Resolves Manglik Or Mangal Dosha?

Manglik dosha can cause many problems in one's life. Not only marriage but other life fields are also affected by this dosha. The best astrologer in india Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji is highly renowned and experienced and has a vast knowledge of removal of mangal dosha. There are several practices and techniques that can provide a permanent solution to mangal dosha and pandit ji offers the services for the same. Pandit ji is the best marriage astrologer and has been helping people to live a blissful married life for more than 2 decades. He provides various manglik or mangal dosh remedies by astrology to the people and these remedies are highly effective and fruitful.


🌈 How Does Manglik or Mangal Dosh Affect a Person's Life?

Manglik dosh not only impacts the marriage of a person but also influences other areas of life like career, financial problem, late marriage, progeny problems, etc.

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🌈 How Can Mangal Dosha be Removed?

Mangal dosha can be removed by astrological techniques and mantras. They help in removing the dosha very swiftly by simple solutions. Astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji offers very effective services for the same.