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Are You Struggling in the Industry of Films or Sports?

The desired or commensurate success in the industry of films and television, or in the sports industry, is also affected and influenced by astrological factors and other supernatural forces. If these factors are adverse at any given point of time, then, despite the presence of high talent and maximal efforts, the cherished success and progress are rather hard to be obtainable. Keeping these facts of life in mind, our globally renowned and veteran Guru Ankit Sharma of India, has started his highly elegant and beneficial services in India and abroad, to help and serve these struggling personalities and celebrities of the worlds of films and sports. So far, Pandit Ankit Sharma has helped a large number of people connected with these film and sports industries of India and countries worldwide, in giving pace and progress to their success and fame in their respective fields, essentially including Bollywood and Hollywood.

These satisfied beneficiaries of his sumptuous, swift, and economical services which are based on astrology and vashikaran are actors and actresses, film directors and producers, singers, models, cricketers, footballers, athletes, tennis players, and other personalities and celebrities associated with the industries of films and sports. In India, in addition to the Hindi film industry (Bollywood), other regional film industries, such as the Telugu film Industry (Tellywood), Bhojpuri, Marathi Punjabi, Tamil film industry, etc., are also covered by the astrological and vashikaran services of our decent and highly reliable guru ji. Owing to privacy reasons and our service policies, the names of our beneficiaries related with the industries of films and sports of India and abroad, cannot be revealed here.

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How Will Pandit Ankit Sharma Help You?

Ours pandit ji possesses a rather rich and varied knowledge, service-experience, and expertise in almost all categories of paranormal sciences and therapies, including astrology and horoscopes, constructive and preventive black magic spells, vashikaran, voodoo, hypnotism, and a variety of yantras and mantras. Using these esoteric but hugely beneficial sciences, he can easily offer solution to every odd sort of problem, trouble, difficulty, or disturbance, which could ever incur to different people and celebrities in these industries of films and sports. Moreover, his illustrious qualifications and recognitions like jyotish rattan, lalkitab rattan, gold medalist in astrology, vashikaran specialist, hypnotism expert, and jyotish visharad, have also contributed to his immense prominence and prestige in countries of the world over. Slight to serious problems in almost all fields of personal, familial, occupational, and social fields of life, have been solved or removed by safe and superb services and solutions of our guru in countries worldwide, for over a highly successful and gainful decade.

Some of the problems and hindrances which have been solved or eliminated by our pandit ji so far, to help personalities in the industries of films and sports, are the following:
  • Instances or misfortune of not finding the right and good people or roles, to show one's caliber
  • Occurrence of some mystic disturbances suddenly in life or career (Film/TV/Sports)
  • Career predictions, and solutions for betterment and success
  • Feeling shortage of the required physical or mental stamina, despite proper food & nutrition, and exercises and efforts
  • Personalities going through a hard and bad streak in their respective career
  • Uncertainties in (respective) careers
  • Instances of getting losses from projects and films, which are commonly reckoned to be highly lucrative or commercially secured
  • Ignorance regarding the most suitable and fortunate roles in films and television serials; or the most highlighting and elevating sports tournaments or championships
  • Financial instability and insecurity of film producers, for some eccentric and unaccountable reasons
  • Instances of losing unluckily the cherished or profitable roles, projects, or films
  • Information about the most creative and gainful span of time in one's career in film or sports industry
  • Things related with selection of the most auspicious date or month for commencing a project or film, or for releasing a film, for the purpose of hassle-free work or grand success.
  • Celebrities facing some kind of a dilemma
  • Information about the best and most promising actor, actress, villain, or director at the specified point of time, to a film maker or producer

These, and many other problems can certainly be tackled, pacified, or eliminated through swift and expert support of our sophisticated and generous guru ji.

Appointment with him is accessible through sincere and responsive telephonic talk (+91-95017-04528) or self-illustrative email (, from any part of India or the globe. Meeting with him in the desired city of any country is also possible, depending upon his tour schedules to specific continents at any given spell of time.