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Best Political Astrologer

A hugely successful and the best political astrologer should have the capability to solve all various problems related with politics, and prosper and propel the careers in politics. Our august astrologer guru ji does possess this caliber, as he succeeded in making careers of numerous small and big politicians hassle-free, smooth, stable, and fast progressive, who are now highly dignified and famous in India and countries worldwide. Consequently, he is regarded as one of the best and leading political astrologers in India and the world at present.

This concise but immensely beneficial webpage offers information about astrological solutions to various problems of politicians, astrological yogas for politics, and most supportive planets for a very successful and influential career in politics, and predictions for the future years in politics. Here, relevant is also to just mention that, our guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma is at present one of the most successful, renowned, and leading astrologers in India and entire world, owing to his marvelous and magnificent services delivered during last two decades to people and entities of the world over, for solving and eradicating their problems pertaining to various fields of life. Vashikaran, vastu Shastra, psychic reading, numerology, palmistry, etc., are other hugely served disciplines by him.

Political Astrology Services by Astrologer Ankit Sharma

All various types of issues and problems related with making careers in politics, the level of success and heights achievable during political journey, the career situation of any politician in general, future events possible in one's political career, etc., can be predicted and solved using the birth chart of the concerned person. Hence, persons interested in entering into the field of regional/national/international politics, or existing politicians should utilize astrological measures for achieving better success, fame, and popularity.

In general, the most auspicious, supporting, and promising planets for huge and remarkable success and fame in politics are Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, Venus, and Ketu. Hence, the majority of these planets should be placed strongly in the birth chart of a person desirous of making a career in politics, or of any existing politician. Again, for smooth progress and attainment of high levels in politics, the following houses of the natal chart of the concerned person should also be auspicious and favorable ---- 10th, 7th, 11th, 1st, 3rd, 6th, 2nd, 5th, and 9th. Presence of one or more yogas in favor of influential and happy career in politics, is also desirable. Some of such yogas are the following ---- Akhanda Samrajya Yoga; Sreenatha Yoga; Any Mahapurush Yogas (Ruchaka yoga, Bhadra yoga, Hamsa yoga, Malavaya yoga, Shasya yoga); Gaj Kesari Yoga; Raja Yoga; Vasumati Yoga; Mahabhagya Yoga; and Parivartana Yoga. Many other astrological factors are also accountable for predicting the suitability and status of a career in politics.

After close and comprehensive examination and analysis of the birth chart of a person or struggling politician, few or all of the following astrological measures may be suggested by our veteran and sophisticated political astrologer of India:
  • The most influential and significant planets for success in politics are made strong and favorable.
  • Houses like tenth, seventh, etc., are made more auspicious and beneficial.
  • Adverse and destructive influences of planets, especially on the relevant houses, are mitigated and mended.
  • Good graces of favorable and benefic planets are enhanced.
  • Any supportive yogas present in the chart will be made stronger.
  • New favorable astrological yogas for success in politics may also be created.
  • Various possible astrological combinations for political success will be devised.
  • Stability and security are provided to the existing/struggling politicians through analysis their respective politics astrology and horoscope predictions for future years.
  • Present astrological doshas and imperfections will be pacified or eliminated.
  • Certain precautions and activities are suggested for safety and success.

The infallible and harmless solutions are provided confidentially through using means like corrective and beneficial gemstones, potent and favorable astrology yantra(s), Vedic mantras, pacification of doshas, enhancement of good yogas, and many other remedial and supportive measures.